Fringo, the once side character, is am extremely clever, masterminf=d type of character. He is the one that Framed Lord Pitaya and the four evil villains for mass murding and homocide for money. he used The fruity robos to attack the innocent and anfd bring shame, guilt, amnd confusion. This was all for his dream. He, the side character, and always wanted to be a main character, but was constantly getting beat in each episode for stealing their lines. Luckily, he has thick skin, so he continues to work his hardest to continue his plan after each and every beating. While he seems like a young and naive little boy, he is actually skilled in martial arts, physics, science, and a basic understanding of metalwork. He, the one who poisoned the rainbow lotus and almost destroyed the entire fruit universe, but then decided to stop, and give the antidote to the flower, because he wanted the chance to be the good protagonist. While he is also a great inventor, he lives in a small wooden cottage with a basement as his lab.